25 oktober 2009

And again.

For my birthday my parents gave me something really nice: shopping in the ikea without really having to watch the money. My sister and pieter joined me. it was a super fun afternoon filled with nostalgia and pleasure.

We always go to ikea just over the border in France because it is closer to us than an ikea in Belgium. it reminded me of this nice French card, I found this summer at a flea. He has inspired me many times already.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Klinkt als een superverjaardag :)
    leuke blog trouwens!

  2. :) ik ga ook altijd net over de grens, maar dan aan de andere kant, in Nederland.

  3. oh my, how i just loooove ikea! and that children's chair, i love that there too! it may just be my favourite ikea item.

  4. so was it your birthday too???
    hippy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!scorpio like me?