27 november 2009


I received a very nice package today, the beautiful poster of Elizabeth! And I'm very happy with it! I still need to find the best place to hang, but so far, it hangs above the fireplace (which no longer works, don't worry).

sorry for the terrible quality of the photos. I don't know what goes wrong lately.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. oh, I h have it too! I love it! Mine is still waiting to be framed...
    oh, and the photos are nice, don't worry.

  2. oh you lucky thing! this poster looks gorgeous...

  3. heel mooi. wil die ook al heeeeeel lang 'ns bestellen maar nog steeds niet gedaan. eerst een plekje zoeken misschien. bij jou hangt hij goed!

  4. Mooi! zou hier ook mooi tegen de muur hangen